So, we’re taking pre-orders for DCC shirts, and as you can see, they’re awesome.

Here’s the skinny:
How much do they cost?
$15 (+$5 shipping if you want yours mailed)

How threadbare are these things?
These are the finest tri-blend shirts American Apparel has to offer. They’ll be perfect for the Texas summer, assuming it ever gets here.

How will they be delivered?
We can mail them to you, or we can always meet up somewhere around town to hand deliver it. I hear Dallas has some good coffee shops. Maybe we could meet there.

What sort of Ponzi scheme is this? Whose pockets are getting lined with those sweet, sweet shirt profits?
This whole venture is two-fold. One, the shirts are badass and everyone should want one. And two, it is a way of supplementing the cost of a really amazing contest we will be putting on in the near future. So, if you aren’t going to buy a shirt for your shirtless torso (how lewd), do it for your greater coffee community.

Ok whatevs, I’ll take one. How do I order?
It’s easy. Just shoot a PM to the DCC Facebook page with all pertinent information (name, size, shipping information, how you’re paying). We’ll get back with you and make sure everything is everything.

How do I pay?
The DCC isn’t some giant mega-conglomerate – I’m just a man with an iPhone and a PayPal account – so our payment options are scant. You can pay with PayPal (more details to follow if you choose this option), Square, cash upon delivery, or we can even do bank to bank transfer, if you’re into that sort of thing. Prepay is preferred, but cash works (may your beans be oily and your cappuccinos too hot if you don’t pony up the cash).

How long until I get my shirt?
Pre-orders must be made by Sunday March 23rd. The shirts will be ordered on the 24th, and it’ll probably take around 2 weeks to print them. Any change to that timeline, and we’ll let you know.

What if I just wait until after the shirts are ordered to buy one?
That’s an option. We won’t be ordering too many additional shirts, so do you feel lucky? They may also go straight up to $20 after the pre-order. Gotta incentivize that pre-order, you know. They may not, but then again, they may.

I have other questions that you didn’t cover. Be more thorough.
Sorry. PM any other inquiries to the DCC Facebook page.


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