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If you’re looking for gifts for your favorite coffee geek and you want to support local businesses, this is the guide for you.  Prices aren’t listed because they may vary from place to place.  Most things are under $50, though.  This is not a complete list of all things these shops offer or even all the places that you can find these items, so please forgive any omissions.  If you let us know, we’ll make any needed additions.



Chemex:  This brew method has seen a resurgence in the past few years, and for good reason.  With its extra thick paper filters that remove almost all the coffee oils, the Chemex delivers one of the brightest, cleanest cups around.  And, it gives your coffee station that sweet “mad scientist” feel.

Where to buy:  Ascension (6 cup model), Davis Street Espresso (multiple sizes), Roots Coffeehouse (8 cup model)

Chemex filters:  They make great stocking stuffers.  They come in different variations (bleached vs. unbleached, rounds vs. squares) and people can be particular about which filters they use.  I strongly recommend the bleached filters, and I favor the rounds.

Where to buy:  Davis Street Espresso (bleached squares), Sur la Table (bleached circles)


Tiamo Coffee Dripper:  One of the newer manual brew methods to come out, the Tiamo Coffee Dripper is modelled after the Kalita Wave, but at a much lower price point.  The Kalita was the preferred method of Lorenzo Perkins in his recent South Central Brewers Cup winning brew, and the Tiamo version will allow you to produce the same beautiful cup.  With its flat-bottom design, it is made to create easily-repeatable results while still providing the clarity similar to that of the oft-finicky Chemex.

Where to buy:  Davis Street Espresso

Hario V60:  Pretty much a staple in the single-cup pour over world.  Simply designed, solidly constructed, what else is there to say?

Where to buy: Roots Coffeehouse, Davis Street Espresso


AeroPress:  Not only does it make a stellar cup of coffee in its own right, but pair it with a quality hand grinder, and you’ve got yourself a really great traveling coffee setup.  And, it can even approximate espresso (but I would really only use it for “espresso” to make an americano).  Each AeroPress comes with 100 filters.

Where to buy:  Tweed Coffee Roasters, Davis Street Espresso

Clever Coffee Dripper:  The Clever is a full immersion brewer that offers many of the benefits of French Press but without the sediment.  And because it is effectively a steeping device, it doubles as a really nice tea maker.

Where to buy:  Roots Coffeehouse, Davis Street Espresso

Bodum French Press:  French presses have been around forever, but they haven’t ever looked as sexy as Bodum has made them.

Where to buy:  Roots Coffeehouse, Davis Street Espresso, Zenzero

Toddy Cold Brew System:  It’s never too early to get a head start on your summer coffee gear.

Where to buy:  Davis Street Espresso


Bonavita Automatic Coffee Maker:  One of the first automatic machines to be SCAA approved.  While most machines won’t get water hot enough for proper extraction, the Bonavita brings water up to 195-205°F, allowing the coffee to reach its full potential.

Where to buy: Davis Street Espresso


Hario Skerton Hand Grinder:  This might be the best grinder under $100.  The design is beautifully simple and compact.  It’s great for work, travel, or if you aren’t quite ready to drop hundreds of dollars on a grinder just yet.

Where to buy:  Davis Street Espresso, Roots Coffeehouse


Escali Arti Bamboo Scale:  A very design-forward scale.  The only drawback is that it has accuracy to 1g.  .1g is preferred, but if you are using it solely as your pour over scale, then this is a great mix of form and function.

Where to buy:  Ascension Coffee

Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle:  This is THE kettle for pour over coffee.  The gooseneck allows for more control when pouring.  The temperature can be set to anything up to 212°F (with a 2°F variant) and held, which is great for keeping a steady temperature during multiple pours over an extended period of time.

Where to buy:  Ascension Coffee, Davis Street Espresso

Optipure FX-11 Home Water Purification System:  For the coffee geek in your life who has gone deep into the rabbit hole.  Water is important to great coffee.  Really, really important.  And Optipure (in Plano) makes top of line system for both home and retail shops.  This is the gift the serious coffee drinker in your life needs, even if isn’t something they know they want.

Where to buy: http://optipurewater.com/product/fxi-11



Individual Bags:  There are so many great coffees coming right now, and they can be picked up all over this great city, so we can just list all of the roasters and let you go explore for yourself.  If you are lost, just about everything Ethiopia, Kenya, or Panama has been amazing recently.

Who we love: Avoca Coffee Roasters, Canon Coffee Roasters, Cultivar Coffee, Novel Coffee Roasters, Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, Tweed Coffee Roasters

Coffee Subscriptions:  Sometimes, if your loved one (or just the person who makes you coffee in the morning) has a fever, the only subscription is more coffee.

  1. Cultivar Coffee: http://cultivarcoffee.com/
  2. Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters: http://www.oakcliffcoffee.com/coffee-subscriptions


Conspiracy Theory Set:  A two-bag coffee set from Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.  The set is limited to 200, and the only roast date left is December 18th, just in time for Christmas.  The Ethiopia blend is beautifully on point, but I think the honeyed Costa Rica just might edge it out.

Where to buy:  http://oakcliffcoffee.bigcartel.com/product/the-conspiracy-theory-set


Cups:  What’s coffee without a cup?  A mess on the floor.  Here are some of our local favorites mess savers.

  1. Coffee Mug:  Cultivar Coffee
  2. KeepCup:  Roots Coffeehouse
  3. Porcelain To-Go Mug:  Davis Street Espresso

Barista Training:  This is probably one of the coolest gifts you could get your fledgling home barista.  Classes offered include: Espresso & Milk Skills, Coffee Brewing Methods, and even a 2-day Barista Training Program.  They also offer coffee cuppings!

Where to buy:  http://www.texascoffeeschool.com/

For ideas on other great coffee gifts, check out the following links: